Resistance 3 Review

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Platform: PS 3 (exclusive)

Publisher: Sony

Game Description

Resistance 3 will be the 2011 release in Sony's flagship Resistance First-Person Shooter game franchise for play exclusively on Ps3 slim. Collecting exactly where Resistance 2 left off, players follow the adventures of Joseph Capelli -- introduced in the last game -- in a desperate effort to show the tide contrary to the ever-strengthening Chimeran horde. Features include: PlayStation Move support, a substantial and strategic weapons arsenal, smarter and more agile Chimeran enemies and deep multiplayer options including co-op online and offline and progression based 16-player online multiplayer.


It's August 1957, four years after the conclusion of the event of Resistance 2 which left Lieutenant Nathan Hale dead on the battlefield against the invading Chimeran race and Joseph Capelli dishonorably discharged from the U.S. Army for killing Hale. With the Chimera completely occupying the planet, Capelli has given up on the seemingly hopeless fight and has retreated into hiding underground with his wife and young son in Haven, Oklahoma. But as the climate of the planet continues to collapse, scientist Dr. Fyodor Malikov finds Capelli with a plan to deliver a devastating blow against the occupying Chimeran force. In order to protect his family, Capelli must leave them behind and embark on a harrowing mission across the country to New York City. Along the way, he and Malikov will encounter the survivors and remnants left in the aftermath of the brutal Chimeran invasion.


Resistance 3 Review

It is a war without borders, involving everyone and everything. The planet Earth.Humans. The Chimera. The virus. Joseph Capelli. Resistance 3 is the one told by the story of an Earth on his knees, bent by the brute force of what once were the same as its inhabitants. And there is little left to do but fight. How is Joe doing hair in a long journey punctuated by miles and miles of running, bullets, death, promises and twists that will vibrate the fans of the series.

"There you go, it is your destiny."
The last chapter of the trilogy picks up where Resistance Resistance 2 has stopped.Just to avoid spoilers to those who had not even finished the campaign in the second chapter, suffice it to say that the intro video (the first part of which acts as a "mask" to install the game) passes all the major events with a pleasant animated novel, a la inFAMOUS. It was after these videos that Joe, who heads the group of Survivors (not yet infected humans) of Oklahoma, is called to protect his "people" but by yet another unexpected attack Chimera. But this is not the usual rounds this time, the '"ambush" Joe will (after a visit from Dr. Malikov) to travel across America to send the virus (but not only) to where he came, enticed by his beloved wife and son sick from the poor (that is why, as you shall see playing). The how, you'll see just surviving. 

This time's gonna be personal
As you can see dall'intro, Resistance 3 is much darker and attentive to individual characters, their psychology and the emotions they feel in this desperate situation, almost terminal. As noted by the senior designer Christian Cameron, R3 is in fact "more attentive to the human side of the story" and you will realize even dall'ambientazione ranging from grunge to the dark: the situation is serious. And, fortunately, to tell a tragic situation, there is initially a solid plot well narrated and directed a lot of care. This Resistance 3 you accept the side in the narrative, making it the most engaging of the whole series.
Oppressive environment (but not too much), disaster situation, the characters deep enough but well told and much, much death: the conditions for a single player campaign with controfiocchi are all there.
This, until they approach the end of the story. Alas, Resistance 3 ends in a sudden and lascivious once again, that makes players pronounce the classic "why bother?" That we would never say. The problem is that the writer of Insomniac must have "fixed" too careful about writing a story to the characters and their feelings, because the final stage of the game is too focused on this aspect: to be clear, the reason for some ( even fundamental) is not explained, to make room for thoughts of the protagonists.

A powerful virus, but imperfect
If Insomniac has committed herself so then swinging on the narrative, much of the technical data has to be done. Although the graphics engine is not particularly "bad" and performing on the market (even if well optimized and masterfully supported by the most common graphics filters), Insomniac style is strong and stands out. Maybe some details remain a bit '"cartoon" in comparison to the staid tone of the plot, but the art style has its own because it is nice and all.
Speaking of gameplay itself, the softco has rightly taken a step back first and then forward. All that made it great is the first Resistance, and many of the "too many" novelty of the second were eliminated. First, the back-wheel weapon (the "wheel of weapons" that allows you to use any weapon in the game when you want, of course, once unlocked) and you greet the limitation of only 2 weapons at the same time it was becoming too realistic Resistance 2 ( we like the fantasy!). Another important "return" is the traditional way of life, not self-regenerating: To get life you search around for the precious medipacks green levels. A very detailed guessed by the tone and dramatic instinct of survival that characterize Resistance 3.
And if another characteristic feature of this series was the frenzy of action, stuff to do (almost) remember the best days of Quake, in Resistance 3 this is even more emphasized with a larger number of enemies on screen and spew even more bullets than it already was suffering in the fast Resistance 2. And, just to increase your dose of entertainment, the enemy AI is much more polished and "intelligent" than before, with enemies that - despite not shine for skill or tactic for what should be the natural instinct of survival - are to be Difficult to beat. It is also true that their greatest strength is their huge number, but a bunch of monsters led by anything but their brain (the plot tries explaining this reason) this is just fine.
Less well you can talk about AI "friend", which often forces you to do work that would be better and that it was up there when they need help seems to become "useful" when the screen begins to suggest a search for some medipack. Not surprisingly, Resistance 3 is more affordable in the company of a friend, but rimandiamone the analysis of a few paragraphs.
First it is important to note that the gameplay is supported by an excellent tracking system, essential for a FPS. No smudge what so ever or annoying "impediments" a la Killzone 2, the arms respond very well and do their work neatly. Weapons that are remarkable for variety, and not just one tool to another. If it is true that in Resistance 3 is a weapon for every occasion and every type of "fraggata", it is also important system "upgrade" weapons, which improve (up to two times per gun) increasingly depending what will you use in the game, revealing and sometimes necessary upgrades hit the spot in the final moments of play (eg, self-headshot of the sniper rifle Deadeye in recent levels will become one of your "tricks" favorite, as long as ammunition, is obvious).
To increase the depth of play and to ward off boredom, the gameplay is varied often by frequent moments "alternative" (as the game breakers in semi-stealth gigs of motorized transport, defense moments, actions and escort, etc.) and from a more varied selection of enemies than ever to welcome you in Resistance 3 you will find bad guys as Storm troopers, who are enemies of the rapidity of their movements peculiarities, Leeches, horrific Chimera that swell and then explode a bullet received, or Drones-Shield, which will defend some of the Chimeran hybrids and become one of your worst troubles ...
All of this will move in levels inspired and not more frighteningly linear as before.Although not spiaccano for "second way", the levels of Resistance 3 is a good example of level design due to their small deviations (more freedom would not have failed) and entice the player to explore enough to be able to collect all extras, including those going to deepen the narrative plot (obviously this is not essential excerpts, but certainly respond to any of the questions that are not met by the end of the game).

Survive together is more beautiful ...
Mentioned many times during the promotional fetishists co-op, the co-op mode of Resistance 3 comes of power between the new to the series. If the last time we crossed the Chimera could play together on missions only "special", but here you can play the entire two main campaign, which unfortunately does not shine for strokes of genius, but even disdains the game.
The co-op R3 performs well, while remaining as faithful as possible to the experience in single player (a much more "cinematic") but does not have many ideas of pure action simultaneously. It must be said, however, that the overall difficulty of the game (in which the individual is well calibrated and demanding the right) is a bit 'not playing in two, as compared to the experience "original" the number or capacity of enemies not increase it's up to you to bring the game on "Hard" co-op if you want a snack.

Against it ... but even more fun!
The mode that has received more innovations, if not revolutions, all is certainly the competitive multiplayer. First of all, farewell to the great numbers: no more peaks of 64 players at once, now plays to a maximum of 16 users. And this drastic reduction, for those "incredibly" and who "obviously" does nothing but increase enormously the online experience and to inflate the quality of the games themselves.
Who hangs out the maps of various Call of Duty 3 online playing Resistance will be found a little 'home. In fact, the game system is marked by abusatissime perks, the inevitable series of killings and a traditional leveling system that are likely to be as access to new weapons and upgrades. In short, nothing to be studied (tediously) fully to be understood to those who live online gaming.
News of new skills is the inclusion of two "extra" for each player in the game can be activated by pressing the directional arrows side of the cross of our DualShock 3: freely selectable (continuing in a lot of them will unlock more and newer), ranging from the shield energy hologram to lure the enemy.
The online action live in well-designed maps, although not of high-profile notables strokes of genius, which offer more diverse and engagements of all types (long, short and middle distance), and is marked by modes ranging from the classic one curious novelty: the usual starting Deathmatch (individual and team) and the historic Capture the Flag, players tufferanno with closed eyes in the brand new Chain Reaction (bases mode, where players will vie for control of certain checkpoints in key " chimeric ") and breccia (which, as its name suggests, provides defense-attack action in which those in attack will break down enemy defenses and destroy the trenches).
Our advice, having said all that, you do not miss the multiplayer portion of Resistance 3: is a great pastime, and if we are "training", in view of the endless battles of online "sparatuttoni" coming this fall, in spite of those on the forums boasted to provide an online undertone for R3.
For the sake of record, we note that the online Resistance 3 is the first to exploit the "Pass Network" Sony, voucher codes must be redeemed in order to "unlock" access to on-net (and eventually purchased the PlayStation Store if you have hands on a used copy of which has already been redeemed Pass).

Exclusive full-featured
As has become routine for the PlayStation 3 exclusive, either for marketing or duties either for pure esthete's saber, Resistance 3 also fully supports the two new technologies "incidental" to the PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Move and 3D visualization enabled. If the motion controller, Sony makes its usual egregious figure is intended as a pointer (road recommended use with Navigation Controller and the Sharp Shooter accessory), the true whim is to play Resistance 3 in 3D tested on a very bad Sony Bravia Full HD 3D millemila inches, your editor Matthias claims to have seen the best applied to a 3D FPS, or too invasive or simple "technological whim", but a surplus thanks to its sense of depth - together with the sense of immersion that gives it the air of Resistance 3 - with emotion rare in a first person shooter. And Killzone 3 sees his "super 3D" wavering slightly ...

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