Jeanne d’Arc (PSP)

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Jeanne d'Arc

Jeanne d'Arc













Strategy Game

Publisher: Sony

Platform: PSP

Review Game : Jeanne d’Arc

The brave story of a French peasant girl, RPG style.

Tactical RPGs are always fun to play. Having the feeling of intelligence grace you as you plow through your enemies with your “strategic” moves, even if you are just spamming the attack button. Jeanne D’arc is a special case. Sure it has the elements of any tactical RPG with the grid based map, turns for each side, and possibly a time limit, the story is one that is mythical, yet at the same time an actual part of history, hundreds of years ago. For those who don’t or didn’t know, this game is loosely based off Joan of Arc, a saint who lived during the 100 Years War, fought between England and France. Joan was a simple girl, but she was believed to have been able to hear the voice of God. God tells her it is her duty to save France, so she does so and wins battles after battles. She eventually was able to have the Dauphin, Charles VII of France, crowned king and end the siege at Orleans. She was later captured by the British and burned at the stake.


Now, this is not exactly as the same case in the game, although there are some historical elements of Joan of Arc’s story in which they kept in, such as the crowing, battles, and stake burning (but Joan, or Jeanne in this case, not so much). There are even some characters that have the names of Joan’s partners in war, but they are still different. This is what I really loved about the game. Messing with history, but not to the point where it has no relevance to it.

Your starting companions, Lianne and Roger.

The story calls upon Jeanne, a farming girl and her friend, Lianne to fight alongside a mercenary that settled in their village, Roger. As Jeanne’s village is attacked, she finds a mysterious armlet that holds divine powers from God. Since the piece of jewelery has taken a liking to her, a voice tells her that she is now the one to stop the war. She is determined to stop the British and their new-found friends- demons from the dark realm. These cute little creatures are used by the young king, who seems to be possessed. It is now Jeanne’s goal, and the goal of others who join her ranks, to stop the terror, and save France.

Dragons and Beastmen. You knew they were coming.

This game was particularly my first to play a turn based strategy RPG. You and your comrades are set on opposite sides of the enemy on a grid map. By preforming the commands-attack, skills, item, or defend- you must use the map to your advantage. For example, placing your archers far and high from the enemy, your mages are a considerable distance, and your lancers two boxes away and in front of two enemies to skewer them. Learning and using the weapons that are given for each class- Swordsman, Lancer, Mage, Archer, Thief, Axe-men, and even a Whip User will be able to help you customize your way to victory, 1400′s style. If you play as Jeanne, then you are able to use her armlet to transform her into the goddess of victory, literally. When she transforms, she has gained new abilities such as Godspeed, a move where you can attack two enemies back to back without waiting for the enemy’s turn. Jeanne isn’t the only one with God powers. You meet more bearers along the way, as most join your quest.

Holy armor always saves the day.

Now, the story is my most memorable part. There are a lot of ways the story made me do a double take and say, “I see what you did there”. Experiencing Jeanne’s struggle with her friends is certainly amazing. One goes insane, another burned at the stake, and even Jeanne herself had a problem in the middle of the game. The way that Jeanne herself keeps persevering despite everything the enemy has taken from her is amazing. Nothing of this mopey, stereoscopic RPG “Why doesn’t everything go my way when I try to save the world”. The characters are definitely one of the best aspects of the game. A numerous and lively bunch, the game has given the player much to look forward to battles since there is such an abundance of classes. The story itself has made a completely wonderful twist of history without burning the textbook. The mix of fantasy is hardcore with mythical creatures and that is a refresher from most of the JPGs. This game is crowned one of the best strategy of the PSP. So play it! NOW!


Battle System- 9/10
Character Originality-9/19
Replay Value-8.9/10


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